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Out-of-State Patients

Out-of-state patients seeking abortion care in Denver, CO.

Healthy Futures proudly helps women from all over the United States seeking the abortion care they need. The Right to have an Abortion is legal, unrestricted and enshrined in Colorado law.

We welcome patients traveling from states where restrictions prevent them from receiving the care they need. We understand the struggles that patients have to go through to get to us and we are here to support you.

Unlike many states with special requirements to have multiple appointments before you can have an abortion; an abortion can be performed in Colorado in just one day. We have female and male physicians performing safe and effective abortions. These providers are passionate about this vital work. 

Our Denver metro area clinic rarely has protestors and is in a private and secure location that is easy to find. We follow HIPAA, use paper charts and we will not share your information with anyone without your consent. We also offer full spectrum primary care services in addition to abortion care so the reason for your visit is discreet. 

We are located 40 minutes from Denver International Airport and near many economical hotel options. If you need assistance with paying for your transportation, lodging or your abortion there are excellent funding options through Cobalt and National Abortion Federation (NAF), and several Texas based organizations. Please contact the office if you need additional funding information.

FAQs of Out-of-State Patients

What You Need to Know About Abortion Laws and Getting an Abortion in Your State:

In 2022, ​​The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which means that states can now ban abortion. Some states have banned abortion or have created many restrictions to having the procedure. Contrary to what rumors you may have heard, abortion is still legal in many states, and it’s legal to go to a different state to get an abortion.

Abortion is NOT banned nationwide and abortion is still legal, unrestricted and protected in Colorado. Laws about abortion are changing very quickly. We’re here to help you understand these new laws and how they may affect your options for getting a safe, legal abortion.

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