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Abortion Procedure
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Abortion Procedure

Abortion procedure - surgical abortion at Healthy Futures abortion clinic in Denver, CO.

An abortion procedure, also known as “surgical abortion” or “in-clinic abortion”, is a safe, fast and effective abortion method performed right in our office.

Healthy Futures’ team of physicians offer procedural abortions into the second trimester, up to 22 weeks in pregnancy. The procedure is very fast and takes just a few minutes to perform. Comfort is our priority and IV conscious sedation is included in the cost of the procedure for all our patients receiving a surgical abortion.

Many women prefer an abortion procedure because it is fast, very effective and generally results in less bleeding at home.

Financial Assistance

You may also qualify for assistance from our clinic directly or from one our funding partners. Our clinic has funding to help pay for your abortion if you are from a state where abortion is restricted and if you qualify. Please call us directly to inquire if you qualify.

You may also directly contact one of the organizations below to inquire about the funding eligibility/availability.

Cobalt Abortion Fund is a Colorado based fund providing financial assistance for abortion care. Please see their website.

The National Abortion Federation (NAF) operates the largest, national, toll free, multilingual hotline for abortion referrals and financial assistance in the US and Canada. All states included, even if abortion is illegal in your state. Call 1-800-772-9100 to learn about your eligibility. 

What to Expect for your abortion procedure

First you will speak with our staff to review your medical history and make sure you are eligible to have a surgical abortion procedure in our office. We generally have appointments available within a few days. When you come to your appointment you will need to have someone drive you to and from your appointment because you will be receiving medications that impair your ability to drive for the rest of the day. 

At your appointment you will receive an ultrasound to determine how far along you are in your pregnancy. You will have your blood type checked if you are 12 weeks or more into your pregnancy.

Rhogam is given for an additional cost if you are Rh negative blood type. You will be given an antibiotic prior to the procedure to help prevent infection. Next you will have an IV placed and medications administered to help with relaxation and discomfort.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, we perform a procedure called dilation and aspiration to complete the abortion. Our trained physicians use a quiet handheld device to perform the abortion.

In the second trimester of pregnancy, we may also use instruments and a machine under ultrasound guidance to safely perform the abortion. Abortion procedures for pregnancies under 18 weeks are usually performed in one day.

Abortion procedures for pregnancies 18-22 weeks usually require a multiple day process to safely perform the procedure. After your procedure you will be monitored for a period of time to ensure safety and comfort.

We welcome patients traveling from out-of-state.


How do I decide if a surgical abortion procedure is the right option for me?
How long will I be at the clinic?
How do I know if my procedure will be more than 1 day?
How safe is the surgical abortion procedure?
What conditions might make me not eligible for an abortion procedure at Healthy Futures?
Can I have an abortion procedure if I’ve had a Cesarean Section (C-Section)?
Does the procedure hurt?
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Will I be awake?
Who will be performing my procedure?
Do I need to have a driver?
How should I prepare for my visit?
What if I am Rh negative blood type?
What happens to the pregnancy tissue?
What medications will I go home with?
When can I return to normal activities?
How long will I be bleeding for?
How will I know the procedure worked?
Do you have protestors?
Can I have someone in the room with me during the procedure?
When can I start birth control again?
What if I am under 18 years of age?
What do the fees I pay cover?
Who do I call if I need assistance?

Seeking Primary Care?

If you’re looking for a Primary Care Physician for your annual reproductive and/or Gyn needs you can learn more about the services we offer by visiting our Healthy Futures Primary Care website.

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