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Whether an abortion has affected you or a loved one, yesterday or years ago - support is available
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Emotional Support Options

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The decision to have an abortion for some patients may be clear and easy and for others it may be difficult and full of many emotions. Every emotion is a normal way to feel about your abortion.

Here are some resourceful links if you need some more emotional support throughout your abortion process.

All-Options has a talk line that offers peer counseling. They offer unconditional, judgment-free support to help you discuss and process your feelings, decisions, and experiences related to pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. Check their website for hours of availability.

  • All-Options Talk line: 1-888-493-0092


An after abortion talk or text phone number: 617-749-2948

Exhale offers a free, after-abortion text line that provides emotional support, resources and information for individuals who have had an abortion and their allies. 

Faith Aloud offers free counseling to women as well as their families when spiritual concerns regarding pregnancy and abortion arise. They offer assistance to women who are still considering their options and those who need non-judgmental support after an abortion.

Ending a Wanted Pregnancy Offers support of parents who are considering or have already ended a pregnancy after a prenatal or maternal medical diagnosis. 

Connect and Breathe creates a safe space to talk about abortion experiences by offering a talk-line staffed by people to listen and provide unbiased support and encouragement of self-care. Talk-line staff can offer support whether an abortion has affected you or a loved one, yesterday or years ago. 

Sexual & Relationship Violence Hotlines:

24-Hour Crisis Lines:

If you feel like you need to speak with someone in our office about emotional support options, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are a trusted Denver abortion clinic.

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