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Abortion Clinic Near Me Colorado (Don’t Use)

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Healthy Futures abortion care

Healthy Futures Colorado abortion clinic has been serving the Colorado community since 2004.

Our female physicians have extensive training and experience in abortion care and have provided thousands of procedural abortions and abortion pills for women.

Our clinic staff is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and cared for during your experience. We want the process to be as smooth as possible. 

Healthy Futures offers a full range of healthcare services outside of our abortion services allowing your visit to be very discrete. As a boutique clinic, we offer personalized services without the hassle of protestors and bureaucracy.

We are generally able to get patients in for an appointment within a few days for their care. 

Se Habla Español | Why Women Choose Healthy Futures for abortion care

Abortion Pill / Medication abortion in Colorado

The abortion pill is a very safe and effective option to end your pregnancy. Abortion pill is also known as medical abortion, medication abortion or non-surgical abortion.

We specialize in providing the care you need. Our Colorado abortion clinic almost always has same day or next day appointments available.

You can opt to use the abortion pill up to 11 weeks in your pregnancy. Many women report that the abortion pills feel similar to the process of a miscarriage. The first pill, stops the pregnancy from continuing and the second pills help empty out the uterus. Many women prefer the abortion pill because they would like to pass the pregnancy in the comfort of their own home.

Surgical abortion

An abortion procedure, also known as “surgical abortion” or “in-clinic abortion”, is a safe, fast and effective abortion method performed right in our office.Healthy Futures’ team of physicians offers procedural abortions into the second trimester, up to 22 weeks in pregnancy. The procedure is very fast and takes just a few minutes to perform. Comfort is our priority and IV conscious sedation is included in the cost of the procedure for all our patients receiving a surgical abortion.Many women prefer an abortion procedure because it is fast, very effective and generally results in less bleeding at home.

Abortion pill by mail is not available at this time

The abortion pill by mail is the same process that you would go through for an abortion pill in the office except you are not required to get an ultrasound and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.To be eligible you must be less than 11 weeks in your pregnancy (from the first day of the last menstrual period) and meet specific criteria to make sure the abortion pill by mail can be done safely.

If any problems arise you can be reassured that we will see you the same day or next day in our clinic for no additional charge and perform any necessary ultrasounds and evaluation if you require them, including providing the abortion procedure for free if the medication does not work.

If you are interested, please fill out an appointment request form or call our office to find out if you can qualify. If you qualify you will have a video appointment with our provider, review the instructions and have the medications mailed to your house.


Our providers will review birth control options (contraception) with you at your visit. The provider can write you a prescription that you can take to your pharmacy for a contraceptive method the same day as your appointment for no additional cost.

Healthy Futures can also provide same day IUD or Nexplanon placements for surgical procedural abortions. We offer same day Depo injections for patients receiving a medication abortion (Abortion Pill) or surgical abortion.

If you live in Colorado and have health insurance, we can bill your insurance for these services.

If you live out-of-state or do not have health insurance, ask us about self-pay options for contraceptive services.

Call us today to request an appointment at Healthy Futures Colorado abortion clinic.

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